Frequently Asked Questions

1. What hardware or software is required? None. Instant Evaluate™ takes care of all the hardware, software, and maintenance.

2. What is involved in implementing the service? Instant Evaluate does everything from start to finish. You only need to provide the questions you would like to ask your customers.

3. How are reports viewed? Instant Evaluate provides easy to use reports that are customized to your needs. These reports are available online 24x7.
Click here to view sample reports.

4. How much does it cost? For companies with very basic needs, we can implement an IVR phone survey solution with internet reporting for a minimum setup fee and less than $100 per month.

5. Who are some of your existing clients that I may recognize? Major League Baseball, Tower Records, Cash America, Cookies by Design, The National Football League, Fender Guitars, as well as many other successful companies, both large and small.

6. How long does the service take to implement? Most services can be completely implemented with 3-4 weeks.

7. Can callers be transferred from the service to a home office or other location? Yes. In addition to many other customizable applications, calls can be transferred.

8. Can the service accept voice messages from callers who want to describe their experience? Yes. You will be able to easily access these message from the Internet -- listen with a single click at any time you like.

9. What types of reports will Instant Evaluate provide? From the Instant Evaluate website, you will be able to receive immediate information about what is taking place by employee, store, district, or company-wide. It will be simple to rank performance as well as identify trends on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Survey results are automatically compiled and easily viewed from

10. How often can survey questions be updated? Question may be updated as often as you like; you have the ability to constantly ask customers the most relevant questions.

11. What is Instant Locate™? Instant Locate is a powerful store-locator hotline service we offer that can be used in tandem with Instant Evaluate.
For more information about Instant Locate click here or on the Instant Locate name in the navigation bar.