How Instant Evaluate™ Works

Instant Evaluate provides virtually instantaneous customer data and voice messages about the service being provided at your store or restaurant. All in easy-to-use customized reports that you can view from the Web.

That's powerful stuff. But how does it work?

1. An offer is added to your receipts* to encourage participation in a simple customer satisfaction survey by phone. Most common receipt formats already contain enough information to track each receipt by store, server, and more. Instant Locate easily works with three basic receipt formats, so there may be no need to reprogram your cash register to use this service. With one simple addition -- an incentive at the bottom of the receipt -- you’re poised and ready to track how your business is doing in the minds of your customers!

*However, it is important to note that the use of receipts is not necessary in order to take advantage of the powerful data Instant Evaluate provides. Many businesses simply add the survey offer to their comment cards or thank-you letters.

2. Your customers complete a simple phone survey. Using Interactive Voice Response (IVR) technology, Instant Evaluate's phone surveys are easy to use and very friendly to all callers. Instant Evaluate takes each caller through a series of questions that will help you track the success of your customer service initiatives.

It's a win-win situation: You get the information that's most vital to your business's success -- customer feedback and perception. And your customers appreciate the opportunity to gain an incentive, such as a discount or free item. More importantly, they appreciate the opportunity to be heard.

3. Upon completion of the survey, the caller is issued a unique coupon code. The caller can write down their code (often directly on the receipt, comment card, or letter in a space provided) and later use it to redeem their reward. Reward examples include "$3 Off Your Next Purchase," "Free Appetizer with Meal," or just about anything you can think of. The Coupon Code generated by Instant Evaluate can even embed each customer's answers. This option allows managers to quickly gain an overall assessment of the customer's last experience.

4. All customer service data becomes readily available for you to review online. Instant Evaluate Reports provide powerful, straight-forward information, making it easy to stay aware of the specific strengths and weaknesses of your store or restaurant's service and those responsible for it. Identify positive or negative customer service trends as they happen. Or rank at a glance see how products, employees or individual stores within a district or region are performing.
Sample reports are online now.