Real and Powerful Customer-Service Benefits

Instant Evaluate keeps you informed, immediately and always.

A primary benefit of Instant Evaluate is that all customer service data is readily available online via powerful, straight-forward reports.

Get immediate feedback on virtually anything you decide to ask. Plus, with recorded voice responses, you will actually hear what your customers are saying.

Each report includes a wealth of customer-service information:

  • Complete details of all callers' answers to survey questions.
  • Overall and individual averages to specific questions.
  • Overall and individual ranking of employees, products and more.
  • Icons indicate customer voice response (just click to listen).
  • Date range selection options, and easy printing and export.
  • Historical Reports allow you to identify trends as they are happening.

Empowered with timely feedback, managers can respond quickly to feedback and resolve any issues before they become problems. Trends are quickly identified so problem areas may be identified for additional training and positive areas can be reinforced with employee rewards.

Instant Evaluate helps you anticipate customer needs on the spot.

By embedding customer responses in the coupon code generated at the end of the customerís completed survey, Instant Evaluate enables managers to look at any completed receipt and quickly gain an overall assessment of the customerís recent experience.

Instant Evaluate is not only economical, it actually saves you money.

This cost-effective system eliminates the need for survey printing and postage costs, or live operator interviews. Plus, Instant Evaluate can either complement or completely replace any mystery shopper program initiatives you might use.

Instant Evaluate is a flexible solution.

Instant Evaluate allows you to invite every customer -- or an unbiased random selection of customers -- to take a Satisfaction Survey (often using your standard receipt).

Password protection allows you to choose who gains access to certain reports, so employees at different levels (such as clerks or servers, store or restaurant managers, district or regional managers, and company executives) only access the data that is pertinent to them.

Instant Evaluate is always on the job.

This automated service provide you with invaluable customer service data and customer voice responses 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Instant Evaluate is a turnkey solution.

From setup to daily use, Instant Evaluate provides a turnkey solution:

  • No hardware or software to purchase or maintain.
  • Integrates with virtually any point-of-sale system -- no customized programming required.
  • Phone and Web components available 24 hours a day.
  • Very simple to use.

All you provide is your preferences. We take it from there.

Instant Evaluate is RISK-FREE.

We are so absolutely sure of our product, we guarantee your 100% satisfaction. To learn more, call Instant Evaluate at 800.431.0812.