How Does IVR Compare to a Mystery Shopper Program?

Interactive Voice Response (IVR), the platform upon which Instant Evaluate is built, enables phone and Internet technology to work together hand-in-hand in a way that is both powerful and amazingly cost effective. IVR has proven to be the most efficient way to compile customer opinions from a large and meaningful sample. IVR allows management to always be in touch with customer service trends as they happen. This is why so many companies use this technology today.

Mystery Shopper Program: A Mystery Shopper is not a customer, but an investigator that is paid to check on specific performances. Mystery Shopper programs are very expensive but may be good at uncovering specific facts. However, a mystery shopper does not provide information about customer sentiment (only customers can do that).

IVR-based Program: An IVR solution provides pure customer feelings. IVR is by far the most cost effective way to stay in touch with a large and relevant sample of customers on an ongoing basis. Because IVR is so cost effective, you can track performance of all employees on an ongoing basis. Feedback from IVR can be used to establish Mystery Shopper criteria.

Both Mystery Shopper programs and IVR-based Programs are effective tools to help manage customer service. They can work well either together or independently. But the main difference is this: IVR identifies actual customer feelings. Mystery Shoppers simply determine if customer standards are being upheld.