Customer Satisfaction Survey
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Please locate the Stylist and Salon number on your receipt. These numbers may be printed together or separately.
The 2 or 4 digit Stylist's number is located to the right of the Stylist's name.
    Stylist Number  
The 4 or 5-digit Salon number will be located on the top or bottom of your receipt.
    Salon Number  

After completing the survey, you will be given a Coupon Code to write on your Fantastic Sams receipt. Your receipt, with the coupon code, is good for a discount on your next service at Fantastic Sams.
Please answer the following 5 questions by selecting a response that best represents your last Fantastic Sams experience.
  1)  On your last visit to Fantastic Sams, who received service?
  Boy under 11  Girl under 11  Adult Male  Adult Female  

  2)  What is most important to you when choosing a salon experience?
  Speed of Service  No appointment necessary  Quality of Service  Price  

  3)  What type of Service did you receive on your last visit?
  Cut only  Perm  Color  Multiple Services  

  4)  Do you remember the Stylist Suggesting any specific products for your hair?
  No  Yes  

  5)  Did you buy any hair care products from Fantastic Sams?
  No  Yes  

For the following 5 statements, please select a response that best represents your last Fantastic Sams experience.
  6)  Please rate the greeting you received in terms of promptness and friendliness
  Excellent  Very good   Average  Below average  Poor  N.A  

  7)  Please rate the overall appearance and cleanliness of the salon
  Excellent  Very good   Average  Below average  Poor  N.A  

  8)  Please rate your stylist's understanding of your service needs and consultation experience
  Excellent  Very good   Average  Below average  Poor  N.A  

  9)  Please rate your overall satisfaction with your experience
  Excellent  Very good   Average  Below average  Poor  N.A  

  10)  Please rate the likelihood that you would recommend this salon to a friend
  Excellent  Very good   Average  Below average  Poor  N.A  

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